Philipp Harb
Philipp Harb
About me
Hi! I am a Side Channel Analyst in the business unit Secure Products & Systems, DTS at SGS[1][2].

I received my master's degree in Information & Computer Engineering from Graz University of Technology. I majored in IT Security with a minor in signal processing. I created a System-on-Chip with a RISC-V based embedded processor design protected against power analysis attacks and encrypted memory in my master's thesis at IAIK. In a master project at INE I researched security protocols suitable for neuroengineering laboratories working with brain-computer-interfaces. In my bachelor's thesis both at Joanneum Research Institute for Space and Communication Technologies and IKS I implemented a beacon tracker on an embedded software defined radio for measurements in the Q/V band.
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education Erasmus semester at University of Zagreb
Information and Computer Engineering at TUG (BSc. Telematik)
Matura at Akademisches Gymnasium Graz
recent Side Channel Analyst at SGS, Digital Trust Services
home Graz, Austria
leisure swimming, race cycling, horse riding, Lindy Hop and Walzer
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