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Philipp Harb
About me
Hi! I am Philipp Harb. I study at TU Graz, finalizing my MSc. with emphasis on IT security and signal processing. The focus of my research interest lies on the future of neural engineering applications. My current work is on how to deal with privacy threats once neural devices become as popular as mobile phones. However, I want myself to be part of creating a widespread consumer usable brain-computer interface that, for starters, replaces the current need to say Hey Siri and Ok Google respectively by mere 'thought'. I wrote my bachelor thesis Beacon-Tracking with an Embedded Software Defined Radio at Joanneum Research Institute for Space and Communication Technologies, and at the Institute for Communication Networks and Satellite Communications at TU Graz.
education Erasmus semester at Sveučilište u Zagrebu (FER and EFZG)
Information and Computer Engineering at Graz University of Technology (BSc. Telematik)
**Matura at Akademisches Gymnasium Graz
recent activity Study assistant at TU Graz (Institute of Applied Information Processing and Communications)
current city Graz, Austria
skills/I like... Python, C/C++, MATLAB/Octave, HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, LaTeX, tmux + vim, org-mode emacs, Debian server, Git, ZFS, ZSH...
leisure activity swimming, race cycling, running, mountain biking
race cycling and mountain bike Rennrad Touren Graz Mountain Bike Touren Italien: Giro Dolomiti - Radtour durch die Dolomiten Graz (Rennrad): Graz - Passail - Sommeralm - Semriach Graz (Rennrad): Vier Länder Graz - Fürstenfeld - Varaždin - Bad Radkersburg Graz (Rennrad): Graz - Södingberg - Gaberl - Bruck an der Mur Steiermark: Gesäuse Österreich: Radtour durch die Hohen Tauern Graz (Rennrad): Graz - Friesach - Taschen - Semriach - Kalkleiten - Pfeifferhofweg
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